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Hello! I am Jesse Schilling. With this subscription you will receive everything I have created so far immediately available as a download at sign-up. I plan to add VIP-only albums/tracks as well in the future. Your support is greatly appreciated!

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    Also, if you would like, we can setup a personal Skype call during which you can pick my brain or just talk about whatever.
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    I will compose a track/EP/album just for you! You can even choose the title(s)!
    Whether it is a single track, an EP, or an Album is more or less purely random and depends on my inspiration at the time of composition.
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Ferguson, Missouri
rainydayshirts is an umbrella for Jesse R. Schilling's artistic endeavors. Jesse primarily expresses himself through experimental music and abstract art through mediums including: photography, digital art, calligraphy, mixed-media, and audio.

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